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“GRAND CADEAU” – wonderful GIFT – Designed by Aya Goto


ADULT CUTE GREETING CARD. The trio of Louis, Roy, Zoe is make the gifts in an animal’s country.
Artist, Ms Aya Goto – the style she create in the drafting-pen and a piece of white paper, is dense and delicate,and has both of rustic and warmth.
The set includes A POST CARDO processed the thermographic printing, and A SET OF ENVELOPE AND MAILING LABEL stuck to the French tradition color scheme.
In this “GRAND CADEAU”greeting cards, we’re using a special printing method of thermographic printing.
First adhere the powder to the ink printed by an offset. After it, the powder build-up on the ink by the melting and coagulation of the powder by heat treatment.
The TEXTURE like oil painting will let you feel the warmth when you touch it.

SAISHOKUSENSHI – Color kirigami bookmark – designed by Yuni Tanida


BOOKMARK “FUWARI”, “IRODORU”, “ETO SHIORI” – Ideal for birthday’s gifts and Goes best with reading.
The auspicious zodiac animals, is sealed tightly in bookmark, which is a world of beautiful “SAISYOKU SENSHI (彩色剪紙) “.
The depicted in bookmark is the animals with a focus on Chinese zodiac.
In the country of the legendary Chinese characters,
the each animal have Origin and history, such as “Descendants prosperity”, “Honesty”, “Determination”and etc.
In order to reproduce the delicate world of “SAISHOKU SENSHI (彩色剪紙) “, we use the Japanese-made paper and laser cutter.
In addition, in order to reproduce the colorful style, which is a feature of Ms.Tanida, ALL of coloring processing are by hand of Ms.Tanida.
In order to combine the delicate cut picture, many of the part is required manually. It is not possible to produce in large quantities at a time.
And, there will be different face in each one as a precious “work”.
Since the manual processing, the texture will vary depending on whether colored site is taken from somewhere,

CARDRIDGE – The thinnest card case in the world –

CARDRIDGE is the most thin business card holder in the world that has been developed based on the user’s voice,
“When urgent business card exchange, I want to take a spare-business card from the notebook smoothly”.
We adopt “CLOTHOID CURVE”-transition curve. on the slot of card case.
You will be surprised that you can in-out the card without feeling stress.
In addition, the lid can be seen the contents, it might function as “remaining Checker”.
It will tell you quickly a situation that also runs out spare business card.
CARD RIDGE is not only in the pocketbook. You can keep in purse or path case, you can also put several in workplace or study.
And when sudden visits and visitors of situation occurs, you can make a business card exchange smart.

dünn – The thinnest leather products –

Want to have the genuine article, lightly.
” dünn ” is a word that means “thin” in German.
We produce a leather stationery from Japan , which is partiular about the thinness and lightness.


IRREPLACEABLE this lightness – new model “dünn” is released. 
From the “CARTRIDGE”series whichi is the model of Business card holder can be placed in a notebook or purse.
Japan production leather to the limit (about 0.4 ~0.5mm) thinned.
You can stock 3 to 5 business cards.
By using the leather with silver, achieving a thin and light weight, such as paper.
You can feel the texture of moist and leather on the surface.
With a strong suppressing effect of the seam, it is also possible to carry alone as a money clip.
Of course, as easy to take out a business card, it is processed by the “CLOTHOID CURVE”.